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Registering and protecting a trademark

Whether you run a business or are an individual who has created something that you want to safeguard, securing a trademark can be incredibly important. However, some people are unsure of which steps need to be taken or do not have a full understanding of their rights if they believe that someone has infringed upon their trademark later on. Codispoti & Associates is very familiar with the different types of challenges and questions that people across New York City have when it comes to trademark issues.

Handling an intellectual property issue

When it comes to intellectual property, there are a wide variety of issues that can arise. For example, you may be interested in registering your trademark or obtaining a copyright. Or, you could believe that your rights were violated and be in the middle of an intellectual property dispute. At Codispoti & Associates, we are aware of the different challenges that people and businesses in New York face when it comes to intellectual property matters. As a result, it is imperative for you to take the correct approach.

How Mickey Mouse has impacted copyright protections

Artists and writers in New York understand the importance of copyright protection. The unauthorized use of original creations can cost money that the artist or writer has worked very hard to earn. Content creators who take advantage of modern copyright laws may not realize it, but may have a famous mouse to thank for the duration of the protection they enjoy.

Types of intellectual property

If you are the owner of intellectual property in New York, it is essential to make sure your rights are protected. At Codispoti & Associates, PC, we want to be sure that you understand your rights, which include registration, maintenance and protection. That starts with knowing what intellectual property you own.

Hollywood praises copyright bill, but is it good for business?

Hollywood does not always get the best reputation when it comes to looking out for the needs of the rest of the country. Although many enjoy the creative offerings of this industry, from music to movies, few can relate with their business models.

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