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These tips can help prepare your business for succession

Imagine building your New York business from the ground up. You spent years and countless hours pouring your heart and soul into your company to make it profitable. In those first years, you probably did not give much thought to what would happen when the time came for you to retire. Will your company be able to survive once you step down as president and chief executive officer?

The consequences of intellectual property violations

When the intellectual property of an individual or a business is stolen or misused, a wide range of challenges may lie ahead for those affected. Obviously, these offenses can have serious financial consequences for victims, but there are other ways in which people across New York City might be impacted by intellectual property violations. From a competitor using another company's secrets in an unlawful manner to copyright infringement, the misuse of intellectual property is not to be taken lightly. Sometimes, people assume that these types of violations are not very serious, ignoring the numerous consequences that are often associated with offenses of this nature.

Naming beneficiaries and tough decisions

Estate planning can lead to all sorts of difficult decisions that must be made, from deciding which type of plan is best for you to going over tax-related matters. However, it can be particularly challenging to name beneficiaries and decide how your property will be distributed. We know that many people in New York City have struggled with this issue and that the choices made by decedents can have a major impact on an entire family, from relationships between siblings to the way in which a family business is run. Codispoti & Associates knows how hard it can be to determine the best course of action, which is why you should be mindful of your options and plan ahead carefully.

What are some examples of unfair competition?

In business, disagreements and litigation can arise for many different reasons, which often leads to additional challenges. From employee claims of discrimination and harassment to contract disputes, business owners face a myriad of problems. However, unfair competition can be particularly difficult for a company to deal with. Whether you have been falsely accused of unfair competition or have experienced financial losses because of another business' behavior, it is vital to know your rights and do what you can to protect your interests.

What is an estate tax closing letter?

Various questions could be on your mind if you are the executor of an estate, or if you are in the early stages of planning your own estate. For example, you could be wondering how to distribute assets appropriately or which beneficiaries to include in your estate plan. However, estate matters can be particularly difficult for some executors who may not have much experience with these issues and a number of questions may arise. For example, you may be wondering what an estate tax closing letter is or how to obtain this document. Across New York City, people with these types of concerns should not hesitate to reach out for answers.

Selling commercial real estate

If you plan to sell commercial real estate in the future, or are already in the middle of a transaction, there are different issues you may want to look over to ensure that the deal moves forward properly. Our New York law office recognizes the different pressures that commercial real estate owners may face during a transaction. With such an important issue, it is crucial to avoid potential pitfalls by preparing for any obstacles that you might encounter and have a strong understanding of your rights.

Counterfeit products or services and your company's trademark

You've spent years building up the reputation of your business. With a focus on unparalleled service, top-notch products and brand development, you've managed to carve a niche for yourself and your staff. You've also taken steps to protect your intellectual property, such as registering your trademark and asserting copyright over content you publish on your website or social media pages.

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