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Creating a charitable trust can help you leave a positive legacy

An estate plan is a way for an individual to create a legacy. The items you leave behind and whom you allocate them to will have a profound impact on how people remember you in the future. If you have significant assets or are deeply attached to a charitable cause, you may want to leave behind something for a nonprofit organization or charity.

Handling a commercial property insurance dispute

We have addressed some of the different legal challenges that people face while working through commercial real estate matters. However, disputes over commercial property insurance are especially common and there are a variety of things to keep in mind if you have found yourself in the midst of such a dispute. First, you should be aware of the potential consequences that may arise down the road and do everything you can to resolve the dispute while minimizing its negative impact. In New York, many people have been able to successfully work through such a dispute by reviewing their legal rights.

Planning ahead to support your spouse after your death

When you are planning your estate, you may be consumed with topics including asset protection, selecting beneficiaries and other common aspects of coordinating a plan for your future. While these preparations can give you peace of mind, they can also aid in helping you to continue to support your spouse even after your death. At Codispoti & Associates, P.C., we have helped many people in New York to articulate their wishes in a concise and organized estate plan. 

Identifying intellectual property

With as competitive as the business world can be, you need to constantly be on guard to ensure that those elements that give your business an edge in your market are protected. The common school of thought is that any intangible assets unique to your business is considered to be intellectual property. Yet is that really the case? Countless representatives from companies in New York have come to us here at Codispotti & Associates, P.C. questioning which of these elements they can and cannot protect. Understanding this is the key to making sure those intellectual assets that are proprietary remain so. 

Should you choose co-executors?

Planning ahead to protect your estate in New York requires a lot of foresight and consideration. One decision to make is who will be the executor of your will and/or estate. While you may have the perfect person in mind, there may not be one who you think can handle everything. In these situations, naming a co-executor may be a smart move.

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