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Counterfeit products or services and your company's trademark

You've spent years building up the reputation of your business. With a focus on unparalleled service, top-notch products and brand development, you've managed to carve a niche for yourself and your staff. You've also taken steps to protect your intellectual property, such as registering your trademark and asserting copyright over content you publish on your website or social media pages.

Make sure you understand a commercial lease before signing it

Once you know that you are going to start a business, you have to decide where you are going to house the business. For some, finding a space to lease is the best option. If you are considering a commercial lease to have a space for your company, you need to make sure that you understand the lease before you sign it.

Sometimes, you have to challenge the executor of an estate

When people choose executors, they try to choose someone they trust to be both honorable and competent when it comes to following their wishes. Most of the time, people choose wisely. A child, a spouse or even a close friend can and typically will follow a testor's instructions in a last will or estate plan to ensure that assets are properly distributed and all estate matters get handled in a timely manner.

Has failure to perform contract duties cost your company money?

You work hard to ensure that your company continues to grow and thrive. Many times, expansion and new projects require the assistance of outside professionals. Maybe you need an environmental impact survey completed before you break ground on a new construction project.

Don't ignore online copyright infringement. Fight back.

As an artist, photographer or graphic designer, you've probably spent years perfecting your art. Whether you attended art school or are self-taught, you deserve to be compensated for your work, just like other professionals. You do work regularly for clients or sell your work. You are always pushing yourself to get better, to create something more engaging.

What happens when there's something off about a will?

There are certain kinds of people who intentionally target aging individuals for fraud. Sometimes they are nursing home or house care staff. Other times, they are people who become romantically entangled with someone near the end of life. Their ultimate goal is to receive a portion or all of someone's estate by preying on the emotions of someone in their last years. There are a number of different approaches to this kind of fraud, but the goal is always the same. An otherwise unrelated person gets added to a last will. That person then receives valuable assets because of his or her unscrupulous behavior.

  • Brooklyn Bar Association 1872 Justice Integrity Honor Courtesy
  • National Italian American Bar Association Representing The Italian American Legal Community
  • Columbian Lawyers Association of Brooklyn
  • Columbian Lawyers Association of Rockland County
  • The Copyright Society of the USA
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