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Estate issues and social media

In the information age, life has become more complicated in various ways, including the distribution of assets after someone passes away. With social media, people are able to find support and access an abundance of information, but this technology can also lead to problems. For example, someone may threaten a family member online because they are unhappy about how property was split up. Or, someone may reveal information related to an estate that could be used against them. Our law firm knows how important it can be to watch what you decide to share on social networking sites and other online platforms.

Does New York recognize holographic wills?

People have many different questions with regard to estate planning and it is paramount to find answers if you are uncertain about any aspect of the process. Whether you are not sure what to include in your trust or do not know if a certain type of will is even valid in New York, such as a holographic will, finding answers is essential. Unfortunately, some people push off estate planning issues, whether they are under high levels of stress or simply do not want to deal with it, which can have consequences later on.

Estate planning and the importance of communication

In order to handle estate planning issues appropriately, you may need to carefully review the unique details of your situation. Additionally, it is likely that communication will play a role in the way that your estate is set up and could also affect how your loved ones deal with the distributions of your assets following your death. Our firm knows that effective communication plays an incredibly important role in the estate planning process and we believe that, in certain cases, it is crucial for people to go over certain aspects of their estate plans with loved ones.

Estate planning and the holidays

Estate planning can be tricky for an assortment of reasons, some of which have been covered on this blog. Our law firm recognizes how hard it can be for people to figure out which type of plan is the most ideal for their unique circumstances and the hurdles they may face (deciding how to distribute assets to beneficiaries, choosing an executor, etc.). With the holiday season approaching, it is even more important for those who are working to set up an estate plan to go over their options carefully and, in some cases, be prepared for certain questions that could arise.

Looking at the benefits of spendthrift provisions

If you are in the middle of creating a trust or are simply beginning to approach the estate planning process, you could have all sorts of questions, some of which may be unique to your situation. For example, you may want to give a portion of your estate to a beneficiary, but you may be worried that the person will not be able to manage the assets properly, for one reason or another. Our law firm knows that in some cases, spendthrift provisions can help trustors who are struggling with this issue in New York City.

Reasons to contest a will

When it comes to estate matters, making sense of the situation can be challenging. Often, people in this position are already going through emotional pain after the loss of a loved one and many are unsure of which steps they should take next. Unfortunately, wills and other estate plans are not always handled properly after someone passes away, which can lead to all sorts of problems. Our law firm knows how devastating this can be for entire families across all of New York and we believe that it is very important to address these types of problems properly.

Working through an estate-related dispute

When it comes to estate matters, disagreements can arise for numerous reasons. Whether you are the executor of an estate or are a beneficiary who believes that assets are not being distributed properly, it is crucial to know your rights and do what you can to achieve a positive outcome. At Codispoti & Associates, we know that families across New York have encountered many different types of hurdles over these matters.

Planning a will

While the idea of planning a will is not generally pleasant, it is a necessary step for people in New York who want their wishes to be honored after their death. The will often involves important matters such as the care of children, as well as the division of large and small assets. Therefore, it is important to understand the process thoroughly in order to ensure that it is a valid legal document.

Addressing the breach of fiduciary duties

If you are struggling with emotional pain after recently losing a loved one, daily life may be difficult. Moreover, you may be trying to work through various challenges brought on by the passing of someone you cared deeply about. Unfortunately, some executors fail to respect the wishes of those who set up an estate plan and breach their fiduciary duties. At Codispoti & Associates, P.C., we know how upsetting this can be for people in New York City, and around the whole state.

The importance of having an advanced directive

End of life planning is an important task that many people in New York tend to neglect. Some of them do not realize that they do not need to be dying or disabled to benefit from having an advanced directive. Thinking ahead and preparing for the time(s) when they may be unable to care for themselves or make important decisions regarding their medical care can help to ensure that their preferences are known by their friends, family members and medical care providers. 

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