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Drafting an effective operating agreement

If you are planning on launching a business, such as a limited liability company, you may have many different concerns and questions about how to move forward. You may find it helpful to break down the process step by step and focus on individual aspects of the business formation process, such as the creation of an operating agreement. When putting together this contract, it is pivotal to carefully go over the details of the agreement and make sure that you have a document which will protect your business in the years to come. At Codispoti & Associates, our firm knows how crucial it is to draft these agreements properly.

Pros and cons of a limited liability company

Business owners in New York who are debating on the best formation for their company should know the advantages and disadvantages of a limited liability company. A popular formation, an LLC is a great choice for many business owners, but it comes with some drawbacks.

Successfully growing your business past the start-up phase

Making the decision to start your own company in New York requires dedicated talent, time and commitment to realize long-term success. For many entrepreneurs like yourself, getting past the start-up phase and onto further growth can be the most difficult part. At Codispoti & Associates. P.C., we are familiar with the unique challenges faced by business owners.

What entrepreneurs should know about angel investors

Possibly one of the most difficult aspects of starting a business in New York is coming up with the capital needed for success. According to Entrepreneur magazine, angel investors are quickly becoming the go-to source of funding for startups. These individuals are willing to invest their own money, even though they tend to make somewhat average salaries. Often, they are driven by an entrepreneur’s idea and vision rather than the need to see profits, making them a preferred resource for those who believe they have the next big product or service.

Things to include in a partnership agreement

Going into business in New York carries a significant amount of risk, but the right partner may make all the difference. Before getting under way, though, notes that entrepreneurs should consider the ramifications of owning a company together if things do not go as planned. A formal partnership agreement can allay the consequences by addressing the issues before they come up.

Small business owners pour a lot into their businesses

For small business owners, their personal financial situation and their company's financial situation can be significantly intertwined. This can be seen in some of the results of a recent survey by the Federal Reserve Banks.

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