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Commercial lease basics

When your New York business outgrows its current building, finding a new location may be challenging. Not only does it need to be in the best place for exposure to customers, the property must also have an owner who is willing to negotiate a lease that is beneficial for you. We at Codispoti & Associates, P.C., have extensive experience assisting clients with commercial leasing agreements.

What is tortious interference?

As a business owner in New York, you depend on your company’s contracts to keep things running smoothly. Although you may have noncompete agreements or other protections in place, your company could still be vulnerable. If someone does come between you and a client, vendor or other company you have a contractual relationship with, it can seriously hurt your bottom line. According to Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute, you may be able to file a lawsuit for damages if this type of situation, known as tortious interference, arises.

Things to include in a partnership agreement

Going into business in New York carries a significant amount of risk, but the right partner may make all the difference. Before getting under way, though, notes that entrepreneurs should consider the ramifications of owning a company together if things do not go as planned. A formal partnership agreement can allay the consequences by addressing the issues before they come up.

Types of intellectual property

If you are the owner of intellectual property in New York, it is essential to make sure your rights are protected. At Codispoti & Associates, PC, we want to be sure that you understand your rights, which include registration, maintenance and protection. That starts with knowing what intellectual property you own.

What to consider when choosing an estate executor

When creating plans to protect their estates, people in New York should also think about who they want to manage them. Their initial concerns may be to protect their estates from creditors and ensure their loved ones’ legacies. But they need to remember that once they die, they no longer have control over how their estates are run. According to, “executors do not have to be family members. Financial institutions can also act as sole or co-executors with a decedent’s relative.” By choosing the right executors, they can make certain that their estates are managed properly. 

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