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Estate issues and social media

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | Estate Planning And Probate

In the information age, life has become more complicated in various ways, including the distribution of assets after someone passes away. With social media, people are able to find support and access an abundance of information, but this technology can also lead to problems. For example, someone may threaten a family member online because they are unhappy about how property was split up. Or, someone may reveal information related to an estate that could be used against them. Our law firm knows how important it can be to watch what you decide to share on social networking sites and other online platforms.

Whether you suspect that your loved one who passed away was subjected to undue influence because of evidence you have uncovered on someone’s social media account or you have been accused of wrongdoing as a result of something you posted, it is very important to carefully mull over the ins and outs of these situations before taking action. Perhaps you have been accused of failing to abide by your duties as an executor. Or, maybe you have seen an executor post something that proves they did not respect their responsibilities or act fairly. For example, some people may find out that an executor has lied about assets due to a picture or video posted to social media.

Handling any legal matter involving an estate can be tricky, which is why you should have a clear understanding of your options. Our estate planning section gives even more information on estate-related legal matters.