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Estate planning and the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2017 | Estate Planning And Probate

Estate planning can be tricky for an assortment of reasons, some of which have been covered on this blog. Our law firm recognizes how hard it can be for people to figure out which type of plan is the most ideal for their unique circumstances and the hurdles they may face (deciding how to distribute assets to beneficiaries, choosing an executor, etc.). With the holiday season approaching, it is even more important for those who are working to set up an estate plan to go over their options carefully and, in some cases, be prepared for certain questions that could arise.

If you have discussed the details of your estate plan with a family member, you might hear from other family members who disagree with your decisions or have questions about the estate plan. It is helpful to be ready for these discussions if you anticipate that your estate plan will be a topic of conversation. While the holidays are usually a time for families to come together, these celebrations can lead to disputes or hard feelings. Moreover, you may wish to modify your estate plan following a family get-together. For example, you may learn something negative about a beneficiary and have concerns about giving them access to a portion of your estate.

Regardless of the hurdles that arise, estate plans can protect your property and serve as a lifeline for your loved ones in the future. On our page that covers probate and estate planning, more details on setting up an estate plan can be viewed.