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The consequences of intellectual property violations

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2018 | Intellectual Property

When the intellectual property of an individual or a business is stolen or misused, a wide range of challenges may lie ahead for those affected. Obviously, these offenses can have serious financial consequences for victims, but there are other ways in which people across New York City might be impacted by intellectual property violations. From a competitor using another company’s secrets in an unlawful manner to copyright infringement, the misuse of intellectual property is not to be taken lightly. Sometimes, people assume that these types of violations are not very serious, ignoring the numerous consequences that are often associated with offenses of this nature.

For starters, it can be extremely frustrating when someone steals your work or a brilliant idea you had. Not only can this result in anger, but other emotions may arise as well, such as stress related to taking legal action and confronting those who have violated the law. Aside from negative emotions, the financial consequences of this offense can be serious as well. Whether you missed out on profits because your copyrighted work was stolen or customers have taken their money elsewhere because someone else was using your work or protected ideas, the financial impact of intellectual property violations cannot be overlooked.

Depending on the details of your situation, different options may be available if you believe that your intellectual property was misused. Feel free to have a look at our intellectual property section if you want to go over more topics related to copyright infringement and trademarks.