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What are some examples of unfair competition?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Litigation

In business, disagreements and litigation can arise for many different reasons, which often leads to additional challenges. From employee claims of discrimination and harassment to contract disputes, business owners face a myriad of problems. However, unfair competition can be particularly difficult for a company to deal with. Whether you have been falsely accused of unfair competition or have experienced financial losses because of another business’ behavior, it is vital to know your rights and do what you can to protect your interests.

According to information published by Cornell Law School, there are different examples of unfair competition. In some instances, unfair competition involves deceptive trade practices such as a competitor’s attempt to create confusion with regard to a product’s source. Other examples of unfair competition are trade libel, a former worker using information that is confidential to attract customers, false advertisements, replacing the goods of one brand with another without authorization, the stealing of trade secrets, and bait-and-switch tactics.

Unfair competition can be highly damaging and it occurs far too often. Unfortunately, some competitors use unethical strategies to their advantage, which can be highly damaging to the company that is being targeted. When a business comes across occurrences of unfair competition or other types of unlawful behavior, it is pivotal for those who have failed to respect the law to be held fully accountable for the damage that their actions have caused.

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