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Job-related traffic crashes and employer liability

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Litigation

Motor vehicle collisions occur in all sorts of ways and the details surrounding one crash may vary considerably in comparison to another wreck. For example, one accident may only involve one vehicle, the result of a drunk driver’s inability to stay on the road. Or, another may involve multiple vehicles after icy roads caused cars to collide. In some instances, drivers and vehicle occupants are involved in a crash while they are performing their job duties, which can be particularly concerning for employers, depending on the details surrounding the wreck.

In some instances, an employer can be liable for an accident that one of their workers is involved in while they are on-the-job. For example, an employee may cause a crash or be hit by another driver while performing daily job duties or running an errand. Moreover, employers may be a more valuable target for a car crash victim to sue, as opposed to the employee who caused the wreck, who may not have much with regard to assets. Other accident-related issues that employers may encounter following a work-related accident include workers’ compensation and dealing with an insurance company.

For businesses of any size, litigation can be complex and may generate quite a bit of uncertainty. However, with careful review and confidence that the best approach is being taken, many business owners who are going through this can feel relief and know that they are doing what they can to protect their interests.

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