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When legal action arises over sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Business Law

Being a business owner can be tough for many reasons, some of which have been covered extensively on this blog. However, a business owner may face many different types of problems, from allegations of discrimination to sexual harassment. When sexual harassment allegations surface, it is vital to approach the situation with care. Sometimes, these accusations are baseless, while others involve the serious victimization of an employee. In some instances, a sexual harassment case may be settled outside of the courtroom, while others may involve legal action. In New York City, and across the state, business owners should make sure they address these allegations properly and strive to prevent harassment.

Sexual harassment takes many different forms, from the presentation of sexually explicit materials in a work space to unwanted advances and crude remarks. In recent months, an increasing amount of attention has been given to this topic and victims of sexual harassment have come forward in different fields. It is important to realize what may be at stake if your company is struggling with allegations of sexual harassment. Aside from challenges an employee may be facing, litigation involving these claims can be costly. Moreover, it can result in crucial business ties being cut and shatter your business’ reputation.

When one of your employees decides to take action after allegedly experiencing sexual harassment and you are concerned about your company, you should take their claims seriously and carefully go over the relevant details surrounding the incident(s). Our litigation section has more related to employee lawsuits.