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Can someone sue me for downloading videos?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2019 | Intellectual Property

You probably stream content all the time through various video sites. Therefore, it may come as a surprise to you that you could be sued for this type of activity.

While streaming is nothing new, there is a rising trend of people filing lawsuits — and you could very easily find yourself the target of one of these. The economic impetus for these mass-produced, anonymized suits is that a certain percentage of people are often too bewildered to contest.

The old type of copyright infringement actions tended to single out specific people. For example, as shown in an article from PC World, production companies might sue users of a video streaming site. If you found yourself the target of one of these focused claims, there could still legal defenses. However, the current trend is somewhat less personal.

In fact, these so-called John Doe suits often seem to be completely random, especially after examining the technical evidence of a claim. Therefore, if you are confused about a certain set of charges, you may not be in error. You may just be an unfortunate victim of a cynical abuse of the court systems.

The other element of these is that they often reference adult content: something you may be reluctant to contest. However, these allegations are so often unfounded in material evidence that you would not need to feel any shame in the matter.

Defenses on these types of John Doe copyright infringement torrent lawsuits vary. Your individual situation should determine your strategy. Therefore, please do not regard this as legal advice specific to any material situation. It is only meant as contextual information.