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Being proactive to reduce your chances of a contract dispute

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2019 | Litigation

When you are working with other business professionals in New York, it would be ideal to know that every interaction and transaction would be dealt with responsibly and based on strong relationships of trust.

However, this is not always the case and there may be times when you are facing the difficulties stemming from a disagreement between parties. At Codispoti & Associates, P.C., we are experienced in working with various aspects of business law.


Contracts play an integral role in separating and clarifying the responsibilities that you will maintain and which ones will be solely overseen by the other party. A well-written contract can be a legitimate source to reference when questions arise about how certain issues should be handled. When you and the other party work together to negotiate the terms of a contract, both of you can create an agreement that is mutually beneficial and will allow each other to grow with adequate support from the other.

According to Inc., once both you and the other party have signed the contract, it is a worthwhile preventative measure to have the contract signed by a legal public notary as well. Verifying that your contract is legally functional is imperative to making sure that the terms and conditions will stand if a disagreement does arise in the future.

When you are proactive to put measures into place to protect your assets and that of your company, you can feel more confident about your ability to maintain a strong and beneficial relationship with other business professionals. For more information, if you are experiencing a business dispute, visit our web page.