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Why zoning variances are important for businesses

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Law

A key decision for many New York businesses is their location. The right location can lead to more foot traffic and increased sales. When a business completes a market analysis of a specific location and learns that it would be an ideal spot for its operations, it might discover that the perfect area is not zoned for the business’s type. If that occurs, the business will need to secure a zoning variance.

Cities and counties zone areas for specific uses to keep home prices higher. They also zone different areas for industrial use or commercial use. When a company wants to open in an area that is zoned for a different purpose, it will need to secure a variance to do so. A variance exempts a business from the zoning requirements of the area so that it can open and operate there.

To get a variance, a business will need to present valid reasons for why it should be granted. It will also need to present evidence that locating the business in the desired area will not have a detrimental impact on home values. Businesses may need to apply for a variance, and they may have to appear before a zoning board to present evidence to support why it should be granted.

Zoning variances are necessary when companies want to open in an area that is not zoned for their types of business. If a business opens without a variance in an area that is not zoned properly, it may face fines and be forced to close. Businesses may want to work with commercial real estate lawyers to investigate locations and check the zoning requirements for the areas. If a variance is needed, an attorney might help his or her client gather evidence to support the reason why it should be granted.