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What to expect if your case actually ends up in a courtroom

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Business Law

There are times during any type of business litigation issue that the whole legal matter can seem like one big show. There might be threats of further litigation, exorbitant financial demands and even reams of paper stacked on conference room tables for review – just like you might see in a TV show. However, despite the fact that there may be some theatrics on display at times during legal cases, there is no doubt that many cases do get to the point where someone actually needs to show up in a courtroom. What can you expect if this occurs in your business litigation case?

Courtroom basics

Well, for starters, many courtrooms do indeed look just like they do on a TV show. And, many of the “formalities” will be on display too – such as rising when the judge enters the courtroom, swearing oaths to tell the truth and even some seemingly “stilted” legal language from the attorneys. There is no mistake, however, that the facts and how they are presented is what is, ultimately, all-important in the courtroom.

If you are called to be a witness in the case, your attorney will likely prepare you beforehand for what to expect – but there is nothing like the real thing. Most witnesses are cautioned to only tell the truth, listen to the questions that are asked and answer only the questions that are asked.

In the end, during a courtroom appearance it is your attorney and the other side’s attorney who are really going “head-to-head.” The results of the case, though, obviously have the most impact on you and your business. At our law firm, we work to make sure our clients are prepared for any court appearances that are necessary during business litigation. For more information, please visit our website.