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The easy and hard ways to resolve contract disputes

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Contract Disputes

Let’s be honest. It’s frustrating when something interrupts the progress of a project right in the middle of it. That frustration is far more significant when the project is halted due to a contract dispute with a contractor. Contract disputes can be difficult to navigate, especially when there is a lot on the line. Thus, it is important to understand ways to resolve these matters to avoid having to lose money, pay someone else and to start the project all over again.

Resolving a contract dispute

If you are seeking to resolve the dispute cheap, quick and easy, the best place to start is a conversation. If possible, a polite conversation could allow for a correction or a compromise. In some cases, a contractor might agree to redo their work or make changes to the work they have completed for a discounted price.

The easy way is not always feasible or an option. So that means you might have to go about it the hard way. That doesn’t mean you need to get heated or play hardball with the contractor; however, it likely means taking legal action.

Legal actions

When moving forward with a legal action for a contract dispute, it is important to understand what to file and what legal options you have. For a breach in contract or a construction defect, you might be able to use an alternative dispute resolution method. Whether it is through mediation or arbitration, this might result in a workable resolution. However, if they are not successful, litigation may be the best route to resolve the matter and seek damages.

A contract dispute of any kind can be complex and could impact an individual, business or company significantly. Therefore, it is imperative to understand your legal rights and explore your options when it comes to resolving the matter. This can happen anywhere in the United States, including in Brooklyn, New York.