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Securing and protecting your intellectual property rights

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2023 | Intellectual Property

It feels good to have a successful idea. On the contrary, it is stressful and worrisome to have someone else benefit from your idea. This is where the protection of intellectual property is paramount. By securing a copyright or trademark, you can immediately protect your creative work now and into the future.

Unfortunately, taking measures to protect your intellectual property does not prevent any issues from occurring or other individuals or companies from unauthorized use of your intellectual property. As such, you may need to take legal measures to protect your rights and stop this unauthorized use.

Securing your intellectual property rights

At Codispoti & Associates, P.C., our legal team knows firsthand the importance of timely securing intellectual property rights. With new technology and ideas constantly evolving and entering the market, it is important to not wait to take protective action. Therefore, our attorneys use their extensive experience and knowledge to help individuals and business to ensure your copyright and trademark interests are timely protected.

Whether you created a copyright for creative work or a trademark for a design, registering your copyright or trademark does not mean others will not attempt to use your protected ideas. However, if this discovery is made, there are enforcement actions you could take.

Protecting your intellectual property

Much like individuals could trespass on your real property, individuals and businesses could essentially trespass on your intellectual property. Whether it was intentional or not, this illegal use of your intellectual property could significantly impact you. As such, it is important to understand your options when it comes to putting a halt to this and securing any damages caused by this unauthorized use.

These actions could include trademark enforcement, cease and desist letters, infringement litigation and the like. Additionally, there could be issues with a licensing agreement, giving rise to a legal dispute concerning fees, royalties or a violation of the rights outlined by the agreement.

Whether you seek to create protections for your intellectual property, negotiate a deal concerning the use of your intellectual property or seek to litigate an infringement of your rights, it is important to fully understand your options in your situation. A legal professional can help outline your rights and determine the courses of action available to you.