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Litigation and the future of your business

Business owners who are dealing with a lawsuit that is targeting their company may be worried about the case for many different reasons. They could have concerns about how the lawsuit will affect their finances, or they may fear that the case will bring unwanted attention to their business and shatter their good reputation. These are just some of the concerns that business owners have, and the outcome of litigation could have a major impact on the future of any business. When approaching a business-related lawsuit, it is important to keep this in mind and do everything you can to protect your company.

Business litigation and health crises

When a business owner is facing litigation, they may be experiencing other hardships in their lives. For example, some may be struggling with a health crisis, which can make it even more difficult for them to focus on and deal with the lawsuit. From a cancer diagnosis to some other serious health concern, this can be an extremely difficult position for any business owner. Unfortunately, some are so distraught and even physically affected by the health issues they are going through that they are unable to do everything they can to protect their business, which can result in additional complications.

My co-worker is spreading lies, what can I do?

While you aren't obligated to get along with all your co-workers, lying or spreading rumors about someone at work is a very serious issue. That's why it can be so traumatizing when it happens to you, as your reputation may be tarnished by any untruths spoken about you. This is considered slander, and as the Houston Chronicle explains, there are certain steps you and others can take to deal with the issue. 

Sexual harassment and preventative measures

Our blog has addressed a number of topics related to sexual harassment, a serious problem in workspaces across the country. The consequences of this behavior can be very damaging, not only for employees who are affected but for a company's bottom line and future growth as well. If you are a business owner, it is crucial to address sexual harassment immediately and appropriately. Moreover, it is also important to do what you can to prevent sexual harassment from occurring in the first place. Sadly, some business owners have shown little regard for this serious issue.

Litigation over an employment contract

From trade secrets to compensation, benefits and other issues, there are many important areas to cover in an employment agreement. Staff members may have a number of questions before signing a job contract, and some may not completely understand what the agreement fully entails before they sign. Unfortunately, contract disputes over an employment agreement are not uncommon, and they arise for many different reasons. If you run a business, these disagreements can be quite difficult to deal with, and in some instances an employee may even decide to take the matter to court.

Workplace accidents and small business owners

When something goes wrong on the job, workers and their employers may have a number of concerns. From an employee’s standpoint, job-related injuries can lead to emotional distress, financial problems, physical pain and an inability to keep working. From an employer’s point of view, job-related accidents can result in the loss of talented staff members and may even lead to litigation. For small business owners, this can be an especially difficult predicament.

Age discrimination and business litigation

Legal action brought on by allegations of discrimination can be incredibly challenging for business owners since these lawsuits can result in much more than harsh financial penalties. In fact, cases involving discrimination can also bring down the good reputation of a business and they may also encourage other staff members to file suit (even if there is no truth to the claims). Many people realize the prevalence of racial discrimination and discrimination on the basis of a worker's gender, but some forget that there are many other ways in which workers are discriminated against. For example, an employee may experience discrimination due to his or her age.

What is price fixing, and why is it illegal?

The federal government has enacted antitrust laws in order to protect consumers in New York and across the country. You may be wondering how these laws affect your retail company, particularly in regard to price fixing. Here is what the Federal Trade Commission has to say about this illegal behavior.

Lawsuits over wage and hour violations

We have written about some of the reasons why staff members take their employers to court, whether they believe that they have been illegally discriminated against or subjected to sexual harassment. Some employee lawsuits have nothing to do with discrimination or harassment, however, such as a lawsuit that is centered around wage and hour violations. These lawsuits may only involve an individual staff member or a group of employees may be taking legal action jointly. Either way, it is pivotal to take a close look at the case in order to devise a strategy for how you are going to handle this potentially challenging situation.

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