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Helping You Plot A Course To Your Success

For owners and startups embarking on a new business venture, the potential legal obstacles can be daunting. At Codispoti & Associates, we will guide you from inception through the life of your business. From deciding the appropriate business entity to forming comprehensive articles of incorporation and bylaws, we will help you with a legal plan that builds a foundation for success.

With over 30 years’ experience in helping New York businesses get a step ahead of the competition, Bruno Codispoti has the knowledge and foresight you need to ensure that potential obstacles are anticipated and avoided. We help with business formation involving limited liability companies, limited partnerships, S corporations and other entities.

Our services are tailored to your needs and goals. No two businesses are exactly alike, which is why your legal plan should be unique to your needs.

We Help Closely Held Businesses Avoid Pitfalls

Because we provide both transactional and litigation services, Codispoti & Associates is uniquely suited to help closely held businesses create and maintain business operations while avoiding some of the common traps that can derail a business.

We can help you negotiate, draft or review the operating agreement. We also perform valuation planning, help you maintain corporate trappings and provide you with the knowledge you need regarding tax consequences and legal liability for owners.

As litigators, we know the common causes of business disputes. By planning ahead, we can help you lower the risk of litigation. If litigation does arise, we can put you in a position to resolve disputes as cost-effectively as possible. We defend the work that we do, meaning we are ready to stand by your side in litigation as well as business formation.

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When starting a business, the failure to secure the services of an experienced business lawyer can lead to significant financial harm for both the business and personal finances of the owners. Schedule your initial consultation to determine how we can help by calling 212-791-9453 or by filling out this online form. Our attorneys represent clients throughout New York City and Rockland, and Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties.