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Protecting Your Commercial Real Estate Investment

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Navigating New York’s real estate transactional process is complex whether you are a seasoned commercial property investor or are new to the market. Partnering with a skilled real estate attorney can help you avoid unnecessary legal challenges that can put your deal in jeopardy.

At Codispoti & Associates, our team has represented individuals and businesses engaged in real estate transactions throughout New York City and its surrounding counties. Our firm’s founder, Bruno Codispoti, has decades of experience with real estate sales and purchases. Mr. Codispoti also owns his own real estate firm, allowing him to remain current on market trends that may affect your property’s valuation.

Attorney Codispoti will leverage this insider’s perspective and his vast legal insight when you retain our firm to handle your real estate matter.

Steps We Take To Defend Your Interests

As a skilled contract lawyer, Mr. Codispoti is able to identify problematic provisions that may cause financial distress soon after you sign your agreement or in years down the road.

When you retain us, you can be certain that we will thoroughly examine all documents and contracts that affect your sale or purchase. These are a few of the steps that we will take to protect your interests before you enter any agreement:

  • We will design, modify and review the sales agreement or acquisition offer before it is finalized.
  • We will examine the certificate of property to ensure that you may utilize the property as you intend.
  • We will conduct a title search to uncover any liens attached to the property.
  • We will review municipal zoning and permitting laws to help you remain compliant and avoid fees or penalties.

Throughout the area, Mr. Codispoti has a well-earned reputation for his extensive understanding of the law and his candid legal advice. He will give you a frank opinion of your legal options so that you can make sound decisions before you close your deal.

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