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We Make Deals Happen

When conducting business, the focus must always be on finding solutions. Our firm prides itself on providing innovative representation that seeks to hurdle obstacles and close deals, not prolong legal matters unnecessarily. While we always protect the legal and financial rights of our clients, our goal is to quickly and effectively help them attain their business goals through any business transaction.

Handling Your Transaction With Individualized Attention And Skill

The purchase or sale of a business can involve myriad legal issues and complications. Whether you are seeking the purchase and sale of a closely held business interest or are seeking expansion through a merger, the veteran lawyers at Codispoti & Associates can help.

Our Goal Is To Close Deals Quickly, Efficiently And Favorably

The failure to protect your legal and financial interests in a buy-sell or employment agreement can mean you are not getting the compensation you deserve or may be purchasing an unpleasant surprise along with the business. We can help you obtain a fair valuation. We will explore and discuss all options with you, including buyouts, transfers and other legal issues. We are comprehensive and meticulous in protecting your legal and financial rights.

How Does Our Litigation Practice Help?

Many transactional attorneys do not litigate cases. While certainly litigation is never the goal in a business transaction, having an experienced litigator on your side helps in numerous ways:

  • We can anticipate future areas of dispute and avoid them, informed by our experience in litigation.
  • You know that we stand by our work and are ready to defend your interests in court.
  • We have the resources and knowledge to be your go-to firm in business matters, whether you are seeking to quickly close a deal or must resolve disputes in a timely and effective manner.

Have Questions? We Can Give You Answers.

Call our office in Manhattan to schedule a consultation with our experienced transaction attorneys. You can reach us at 212-791-9453 or fill out this convenient online form. We represent clients throughout New York City and Rockland, and Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties.