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We Focus On Securing Your Copyright Or Trademark So You Can Focus On Your Business

Even with a great idea or novel approach to running a business, maintaining financial security requires hard work. At Codispoti & Associates, our attorneys can help secure and enforce your intellectual property so you can concentrate on your trade.

From filing a federal trademark application to enforcing your business’s trade secrets, we have long helped individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses protect their creative works in application, licensing and infringement matters.

Experienced Guidance In Filing An Application Regarding Your Intellectual Property

Bruno Codispoti is an experienced lawyer who has been helping clients secure copyrights, patents and trademarks for over 30 years. If you are seeking to trademark your brand or image to set you apart from the competition, we will conduct a comprehensive search to ensure your brand or image is available and registrable. We will then file your trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and follow it through to registration.

We will also register copyrights. While not officially required, registering a copyright can help prove the date of creation and allow you to enforce your legal rights should a third party use your copyrighted material without authorization.

Codispoti & Associates works with outside counsel to secure patents. Please call us at 212-791-9453 for more information about how we can help if you are looking to obtain a U.S. patent or a patent for use internationally.

We Know Licensing Agreements

In drafting a licensing agreement, experience matters. As an established business and intellectual property law firm, Codispoti & Associates can help you set up a licensing agreement that benefits both parties. We know what rights the licensor should be granted and what restrictions must be in place.

We are a law firm that finds solutions and paves the way for success in all contract agreements and transactional matters, including intellectual property licensing agreements.


Whether a third party has unlawfully obtained a trade secret or a former employee is violating a nondisclosure agreement, Mr. Codispoti is ready to defend your legal and financial interests. While we always seek to resolve matters as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, we are accomplished trial attorneys who know how to win in court. We compromise where possible and are aggressive when needed.

Learn How We Can Help

From our office in Manhattan, we represent clients throughout New York City and Rockland, and Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties. Call us at 212-791-9453 to schedule your initial consultation or tell us about your intellectual property issue online.